2005 – 2006

The Codex/Container Project was an experiment intended to combine art, product development and packaging. After having created the conceptual framework, I invited artists to produce artwork which were to function as containers for a text by the poet Marie Lundquist. But the artwork also had to be related to one of three invited manufacturers, whose products was totally unrelated to books or literature. The project had several objectives, one of which was to provide un-commissioned Research & Development.

Quote from the project website:
”Our aim with the Codex/Container Project is to create opportunities for book-objects to be manifested in new and exciting ways. The book, defined just as a container for text, might obtain an alternative identity and function, as art - but maybe also as an innovative new item for everyday use?”

Lena Willhammar

Vera Ohlson

Alf Björk

Lars Noväng/Pia Ohlson

Timo Engström

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